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The Prison Cell that V. When he stepped out of prison in late Decemberafter a high court appeal had reduced his prison sentence, the huge crowds present on his arrest were conspicuously absent.

V o chidambaram pillai essay writer

From Chidambaram was influenced by Tilak Maharaj, and became his disciple. Following the partition of Bengal in Chidambaram entered politics, joining the Indian National Congress and taking a hardliner stance. He also presided at the Salem District Congress session. He registered the Swadeshi Shipping Company in October The number of shares was 40, and the face value of each share was Rs.

V o chidambaram pillai essay writer

The Director of the Company was Mr. Realizing the need for the Swadeshi Shipping Company to own its own vessels, Chidambaram travelled around India selling shares in the company to raise capital. Galia; [5] shortly afterwards they were able to acquire the S.

In response to the new competition, the B. C reduced the fare per trip to Re. Swadeshi company responded by offering a fare of Re. The British company went further by offering a free trip to the passengers plus a free umbrella; however, nationalist sentiment meant that the free service was underused.

The ships commenced regular service between Tuticorin and Colombo Sri Lankaagainst opposition from British traders and the Imperial Government.

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Coral Mill strike Main article: Tinnevely Riot of On February 23, Chidambaram gave a speech at Thoothukudi, encouraging the workers at Coral Mill now part of Madura Coats to protest against their low wages and harsh working conditions.

Four days later, the workers of the Coral Mill went on strike. Chidambaram and Subramanya Siva led the strike. Their demands were included incremental earnings, weekly holidays and other leave facilities. Chidambaram ensured the strike was widely publicized, and it quickly gained popular support.

On March 6 the head clerk Subramanya Pillai met Chidambaram and said that the management was ready to concede their demands.

Chidambaram went with 50 workers and met the managers, who agreed to increase the wages, to reduce the working hours and to give leave on Sundays. The workers went back after a nine-day strike.

The outcome of the strike encouraged the workers of other European companies, who also gained increased wages and better treatment.

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Sri Aurobindo appreciated Chidambaram and Siva for the unequalled skill and courage with which the fight was conducted in his Vande Mataram daily on Hearing of his intention to speak at a rally celebrating the release of Bengali leader Bipin Chandra PalMr Winch, a British official invited Chidambaram to meet him in Thirunelveli with his political comrade Subramanya Siva.

Chidambaram refused to accept his conditions, and so he and Siva were arrested on March 12, The arrest met with widespread protest. In Thirunelveli shops, schools and colleges were closed in protest, and rioting broke out.

Thirunelveli municipal office, post offices, police stations and municipal courts were attacked. A general strike was declared in Thoothukudi, which was the first political strike in India[ citation needed ]. Public meetings and processions were held, and four people were killed by the police.

Although his supporters were able to raise sufficient funds for bail, Chidambaram refused to leave the jail without the release of Siva and his other comrades.

Subramanya Bharathi and Subramanya Siva also appeared in the court for questioning for the case instituted against Chidambaram.V O Chidambaram Pillai was the author of a couple of novels; he translated several James Allen works in Tamil and made compilations of important Tamil works like the Thirukural and the Tolkappiam.

V O Chidambaram Pillai spent such an impoverished lifestyle after he was released from prison that Justice Wallace who sentenced V O C . V o chidambaram pillai essays; V o chidambaram pillai essays. 4 stars based on 70 reviews benjaminpohle.com Essay.

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v o chidambaram pillai essay writer

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v o chidambaram pillai essay writer

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