Strategically thinking why might management opt for other than the most economical choices

Corporate Management — niranjanchatterjee To put it more clearly, would best interests of only the shareholders or the best interests of other stakeholders also be considered while delineating the contents of the best interest of the corporation? Wise court was extremely ambiguous about the exact nature of what would be the best interest of the coporation and chose a somewhat middle path by harping on good coroprate citizenship.

Strategically thinking why might management opt for other than the most economical choices

Today it is my very real pleasure to present to you an outstanding analysis of the role of the Latin Church in modern Ukraine. In the past, I have written about the role of the Vatican in the creation of the Ukraine and the development of Ukrainian nationalism see here and herebut what Andrew Korybko does here is look at the modern role of the Papacy in the Ukraine.

I now want to address an issue which, I believes, must be clarified: This is incorrect and I want to clarify my position about that once and for all. First, I have absolutely nothing against Latin Christians as people, nor do I hold them in any way individually or even collectively responsible for what others have done in the past.

However, I claim the right to speak about that past, not to accuse anybody today, but to be a witness to the martyr of millions of innocent people whose memory I refuse to allow to be erased from our collective awareness. That, of course, means that they would have to give up the very core of their religion the belief that the Pope must rule over the entire Christian worldbut if they can do that — then reconciliation if most definitely possible.

If not — their choice. In conclusion, I want to say that this topic the year long war between the Latins and the Orthodox Church is one to which I plan to return to in the near future with contributions from other authors, this time in the context of Serbia and WWII.

There is no way to understand modern Russia or modern Serbia, for that matter without this historical and spiritual context. It is precisely because nobody else seems to think that this topic deserve any attention that I feel that I ought to be the one raising it on a regular basis.

The Saker This article was originally posted at the Oriental Review and I am re-posting it here by kind permission for the editor. Throughout the ages, the center of Christianity has shifted from West to East as result of certain geopolitical tectonic movements. Throughout the subsequent centuries, the differences between Western Roman and Eastern Byzantine Christianity widened to the point of a spiritual chasm, and when Rome unsuccessfully tried enforcing its views on Constantinople, the Schism of occurred.

To sum up events over next millennium as difficult as it is to do so in briefafter Constantinople fell to the Turks inthe center of Christianity once more shifted, albeit this time to Muscovy.

Ever since the Baptism of Vladimir the Great in Crimea and the Christianization of Kievan Rus inthis civilizational sphere had vehemently ascribed to Orthodox Christianity, owing to its cultural and political affiliations with the Byzantine Empire.

From thenceforth, the Vatican redirected its aggressive geopolitical calculus from the Sea of Marmara to the State of Muscovy, even going as far as supporting its Catholic client state, the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, in its militant proselytization eastward. Other than having previously occupied and forcibly converted the historically Orthodox territory of the former Kievan RusWarsaw took its campaign all the way to Moscow during the Time of Troubleseven briefly occupying the Russian capital from and imprisoning the Orthodox Patriarch, who they would later starve to death as a martyr.

The liberation of Muscovy from the Poles began the nearly two-centuries-long struggle that would see the Russians pushing the invading menace all the way back to its home territory an historical prelude to what would later happen to Napoleon and Hitler, although in much shorter timeframesall the while working to restore the civilizational heritage of Kievan Rus that the Polish occupiers had spent centuries trying to dismantle.

Part of the Polish plan had been to spiritually partition the western reaches of this land from its central core, which led to the imposition of Catholicism over the Orthodox people that had originally inhabited modern-day Belarus and especially Ukraine.

Political and Spiritual Aggression: A perfect example of political weaponization over the territory of Ukraine was the Polish-Soviet War, whereby Moscow attempted to finally liberate the last vestiges of Kievan Rus from foreign occupation having switched from Polish to Austrian then back to Polish control.

Warsaw refused to peacefully withdraw from the territory due to its understanding that centuries of Polonization and Catholic proselytization political and spiritual factors intrinsically made it a separate entity than it historically used to be, and the Poles were able to successfully extend their control over the region until Enter the Vatican, which has made a concerted effort to pluck converts out of the confused Ukrainian territory since the end of the Soviet era and extend its reach ever eastward into originally Orthodox lands.

The more strategic depth that NATO is able to successfully chip away from Russia, the more likely it is to tip the military balance away from parity and towards a first strike scenario, which would then place Russia in a position of nuclear blackmail.

Russia has never refuted the fact that the Golodomor tragically occurred, but it has refused to label the events as genocide because many other groups besides Ukrainians were also adversely affected. We also mean the attempt to interpret the hunger in Ukraine in the s as the genocide of the Ukrainian people alone.

Recall that in the s the Bolsheviks carried out the genocide of Russians and the elimination of the Russian Orthodox Church and actively supported the idea of the so-called Ukrainisation.

It was an attempt to separate Ukrainians from Russians and make a thousand years of our common history null and void.

May 30,  · It is unclear to me how Denise will strategically approach the necessary task of aligning the SPS goals and plan with current business as usual tactics. Aren't there Native American students in other nearby districts who might benefit if there were Native-focused high school? If it was done once, why not again? I'm thinking. 10 days ago · Predictably, this will make them less likely to hire people who are likely to become the target of sexual harassment. Any time you raise the cost of hiring people with a discernible shared characteristic (and a bigger risk of suing is a big potential cost to average out), people naturally hire less of people who share those characteristics. We can only insist that the most careful evidence on population health cost-effectiveness be used to guide investments, rather than the potential for profit from very expensive therapies that benefit few.

It was a conflict between the city and the countryside which involved the entire territory of the Soviet Union, including Russians and Ukrainians. It was not genocide but sociocide associated with the industrialisation policy.

Click on the photo gallery. Click on public events. It is written here: Traditionally nomads, the cattle-raising Kazakhs were forced to settle down and were deprived of livestock.

The Great Famine is remembered as the greatest tragedy of the Kazakh people. In absolute figures, it is estimated that the population of Russia had the heaviest death toll as a result of the Soviet agricultural policies.

Hundreds of thousands of farmers also died in Belarus and the Republic of Moldova. While these events may have had particularities in various regions, the results were the same everywhere: Voice of Russia quotes Interfax as reporting that: On Wednesday, the Kiev Court of Appeals declared Soviet and Ukrainian Bolshevik leaders guilty of organizing the Holodomor, or famine, in Ukraine inwhich it qualified as genocide.

The court ruled the criminal case to be dropped because the defendants, among them Joseph Stalin, Vyacheslav Molotov and the then Ukrainian leadership, were already dead. If the Council of Europe and pro-Western foreign agents inside Russia itself refuse to bite the bait of politicization over the Golodomor, who then subscribes to and perpetrates this myth?

It should go without saying that just as Victoria Nuland and her neo-conservative husband Robert Kagan coordinate their anti-Russian activity as a couple, so too do Anne Applebaum and Radoslaw Sikorski act as a singular unit in attacking Russia in every means available to them.LEDs are way more efficient than other forms since they turn more of the electricity into light instead of heat.

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May 30,  · Might it make sense that Sam would learn differently from most other students?" Sam sounds like an amazing young man who's really learned to be a strong self-advocate. It is not fair of a school system to ask this kind of self-advocacy of an elementary school student, though.

Strategically thinking why might management opt for other than the most economical choices

May 30,  · It is unclear to me how Denise will strategically approach the necessary task of aligning the SPS goals and plan with current business as usual tactics. Aren't there Native American students in other nearby districts who might benefit if there were Native-focused high school?

If it was done once, why not again? I'm thinking. Expected Value, Is It Economically Better To Make Or Buy The Component? Strategically Thinking, Why Might Management Opt For Other Than The Most Economical Choice?

In 4 Hours Only Teloxy Engineering has received a one-time contract to design and build 10, units of a new product. During the proposal process, management .

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