Sample psychological test

This practice Wonderlic Test will allow you to gauge your intelligence and problem solving skills. Just like the official Wonderlic exam, this practice test consists of 50 questions to be completed in 12 minutes.

Sample psychological test

If you use "Reason for Referral", you pretty much have to copy whatever the consult says. Use this section to briefly introduce the patient and the Sample psychological test.

Sample psychological test

Begin with a concise "demographic picture" of the patient. She was admitted due to symptoms of major depression with possible psychotic features.

Use this section to tell your reader what issues you will address in the body of the report. The current report will supplement and elaborate upon those preliminary findings.

This also helps communicate to referral sources that you do more than give some tests and copy interpretive statements out of a manual.

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It lets them know that your evaluation is a professional integration of information from a variety of sources. Be sure to also note who gave the tests and how long it took. These issues are important if a case ever goes to court.

Tests were administered by Jim Smith, M. In this section present paragraphs dealing with family, social, legal, medical, family mental health, etc.

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Where possible, provide enough details of prior intervention efforts to clarify what was attempted and whether it was successful.

These details will help give the treatment team an idea of what "target level" of adaptive functioning to shoot for in the current intervention.

Let the reader get an idea of how the current admission compares to prior admissions and what specific events precipitated the current admission. End this section with a brief paragraph summarizing staff observations, patient behavior, level of motivation, etc.

Keep in mind that objective observations by professional staff are one of your best sources of data. Conclude with a sentence indicating medications being taken at the time of testing. Focus on YOUR observations and impressions. This section of the report should focus on your objective evaluation.

Results of mental status examination revealed an alert, attentive individual who showed no evidence of excessive distractibility and tracked conversation well. The patient was casually dressed and groomed. Orientation was intact for person, time and place.

Eye contact was appropriate. There was no abnormality of gait, posture or deportment.

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Speech functions were appropriate for rate, volume, prosody, and fluency, with no evidence of paraphasic errors. Vocabulary and grammar skills were suggestive of intellectual functioning within the average range.

His mood was euthymic. Affect was appropriate to verbal content and showed broad range.

Memory functions were grossly intact with respect to immediate and remote recall of events and factual information. His thought process was intact, goal oriented, and well organized.The AP Psychology Exam measures students' knowledge of the 14 key topics and fields of study in psychology and tests their ability to define, compare, and apply concepts and research findings.

Questions are based on key terminology, scientific methodology, . A psychological assessment can include numerous components such as norm-referenced psychological tests, informal tests and surveys, interview information, school or medical records, medical evaluation and observational data.

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