Rocky horror academic essay

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Rocky horror academic essay

Tom Barry on IRA active service c.

Rocky Horror Show Essays

Timothy Keohane considered himself lucky to have been chosen, the only member of his Timoleague IRA Company selected for the Brigade flying column he drew lots with two other volunteers for the honour of joining.

They had about 35 rounds per man. By IRA standards of latea time when their guerrilla tactics were still taking shape, this was a large, well armed unit. They were tough veterans of the First World War, drafted in to Ireland in order to try to put down the spreading republican insurrection.

Since their insertion into rural West Cork in October replacing two platoons of the Manchester Regiment they had cowed much of the previous guerrilla activity with aggressive raiding and arrests of local men.

They had also shot and killed at least one local civilian as he fled from one of their sweeps. The Auxiliaries had become somewhat careless and had taken to using the same road back to Macroom — passing through a townland named Kilmichael, every day.

There were no fences but back a little off the road there were fairly large clumps of rock. Since there was no getaway route — most unlike virtually every other IRA operation — it was kill or be killed.

The ambush The ambush site at Kilmichael. The IRA contingent marched in pouring rain through the night to the ambush point Barry had selected, at the bend of a narrow road at Kilmichael, overlooked by a large rock and low hills on either side.

Rocky horror academic essay

They were concealed in the rocky hills very close to the side of the road. Another squad of six riflemen was kept in reserve, at a point from which they could fire on both ambush sites. Three unarmed scouts nervously kept watch at the approaches to the site. The ambush site was chosen so fire could be opened at point blank range, but there were no getaway routes for the IRA.

The column, whose clothes had been drenched the night before, had a long and uncomfortable wait. They lay in wait all day and must have been chilled to the bone by the late afternoon.

Some Auxiliaries in Cork city. Nevertheless, two things at least are certain about the Kilmichael ambush.

First, it was a remarkably well executed guerrilla action on the part of Tom Barry. Yes the Auxiliaries, commanded by Francis Crake, who had served as a Lieutenant in the First World War, should have known better than to let their movements become predictable and to fall into an ambush.

But once they did, they fell into a very carefully prepared trap. Second, Kilmichael was a brutal close-quarters fight, as fierce in intensity, if not in scale, as anything in a conventional war. When the first lorry reached the bend in the road, Barry himself threw a grenade into the cab, killing the driver.

Simultaneously, it was blasted at point blank range by the hidden riflemen.The Rocky Horror Picture Show Essay - The Rocky Horror Picture Show The Rocky Horror Picture Show, an instant cult classic from the 70's.

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Throughout this essay I will be considering to what extent the Rocky Horror Picture Show (RHPS) relates to both the punk and glam rock sub-cultures, which occurred throughout Britain and America during the ’s. BibMe Free Bibliography & Citation Maker - MLA, APA, Chicago, Harvard.

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