P3 m2 d1 identiying risks worksheet

Lesson 6 Installation practical Installation logbook example Lesson 7 Installation practical Installation Lesson 9 Registration discussion. Handout of Assignment 3 Lesson 10 Assessment To achieve a pass grade the evidence must show that the learner is able to: To achieve a merit grade the evidence must show that, in addition to the pass criteria, the learner is able to:

P3 m2 d1 identiying risks worksheet

I have clearly referenced any sources used in the work.

Assessing Risk in Sport P3 M4 D2. No description by Mark Fairclough on 15 April Tweet. Comments (0 Assessing Risk in Sport A risk assesment is there to identify hazards, the risks of these potential hazards and the level of risk associated with those hazards. As a result of this it allows the coach or teacher to put control. P3 M2 D1 Patterns and Trends in Health and Ilness Among Diffrent Social Groups P3 Explain patterns and trends in health and illness among different social groupings Gender Men and women have different levels of risks of getting mental illnesses such as alcohol dependency. (p3, m2, d1). Tutor introduces the assignment brief Types of risk assessment documentation/proforma available identifying aims, objectives and controls – learner activity.

I understand that false declaration is a form of malpractice. Assessor declaration I certify that the work submitted for this assignment does belong to and was produced by the learner stated above. This unit will enable you to provide advice on lifestyle improvement and plan a health-related fitness programme based on an understanding of the fitness requirements and major body systems in preparation for entry into the public services.

You will also look at assessing individuals lifestyles yourself included. You have been asked to produce resources to give information and guidance for new and existing recruits on how to measure current fitness levels and develop awareness of the body systems to help with training.

You also need to give advice on lifestyle factors and strategies to improve overall health and fitness. You are also going to try and assist one of your fellow classmates to gain the fitness and lifestyle required to enter the UPS of their choice by carefully assessing them and providing advice, guidance and recommendations for lifestyle and fitness.

Describe the lifestyle factors that can effect health P1: Describe lifestyle factors that have an effect on health M3: Explain the effects of identified lifestyle factors on health and fitness, when applying for public service and long-term employment M1: Explain the effects of identified lifestyle factors on health D2: Evaluate the effects of identified lifestyle factors on health and fitness, when applying for public service and long-term employment Task 1: Mind how you go Complete a PowerPoint with accompanying notes that could be used as a resource for other fitness instructors in the UPS.

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The PP needs to look in detail at Lifestyle factors that can affect recruits when applying for and during their long-term employment within their chosen UPS.

Your presentation need to be clear and simple to follow for another instructor to pick up and use. For higher grades you need to include information to allow the instructor to explain the factors research, evidence, references and evaluate giving a balanced argument and coming to a conclusion.

Finally remember this presentation is for squaddies and sailors so make it interesting, eye-catching, fun and clear without too much information on the slides.

By Miss S Ahmed

Power Point Presentation Date Due: Provide lifestyle improvement strategies that can have a positive effect on health P3: Provide lifestyle improvement strategies for a selected individual M4: Explain lifestyle improvement strategies to justify their positive effect on health M3: Explain recommendations made regarding lifestyle improvement strategies D2: Analyse a range of lifestyle improvement strategies Task 2: How and why do you make positive changes?

For each of the lifestyle factors identified in the previous task you need to provide a range of strategies to have a positive effect on the factor e.

Physical activity ways to increase physical activity levels such as walking, stair climbing, joining a gym. You will do this as a class to identify a large range of strategies then produce your own individual diagram.

P3 m2 d1 identiying risks worksheet

Following the class task you need to look at the provided case studies and provide reasonable and relevant lifestyle improvement strategies for the selected individuals. For the higher grades this information will need to be explained in more detail to give guidance and justify the positive effect on health.

You will need to look at each lifestyle factor and explain at least two strategies which would improve the factor justifying their positive and negative effects.

Lifestyle Questionnaire You are required to collect information from a peer client on their lifestyle using a self-designed questionnaire and carry out a consultation meeting.

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Within this questionnaire and you must collect information on personal goals, lifestyle, medical history, physical activity history, attitudes and motivation.

Provide lifestyle improvement strategies for a selected individual partial M2: Explain the strengths and areas for improvement in the lifestyle of a selected individual D1: Evaluate the lifestyle of a selected individual and prioritise areas for change Task 4: Results report Complete a written report based on the results of your consultation and lifestyle questionnaire.

For a basic pass you must look at your client and compare them to national guidelines for physical activity and alcohol consumption. You also need to assess their stress levels, smoking habits and diet against recognised guidelines providing recommendations and improvement strategies.DRAFT NERC Reliability Standard Audit Worksheet DRAFT&NERC&Reliability&Standard&Audit&Worksheet&& Audit&ID:Audit&ID&if&available;&or&NCRnnnnn5YYYYMMDD& RSAW&Version.

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Produce a risk assessment for a selected administrative work environment This is a continuous learning process where they would be able to identify their strengths and weaknesses and then can improve their performance in order to ensure the science department is a safe workplace for everyone.

unit 27 p4 m3 d1; unit 10 p3 p4 m2; unit P3 identify the major muscles of the body P4 describe the different types of muscle and muscle movements worksheets, anatomy models, laboratory work and internet sources.

There will be a great deal of scientific (P1, P2, P3, P4, M1, M2, D1). Tutor introduces the assignment brief Structure and classification of joints – diagrams from.

Explain the user side and server side factors that influence the performance of a website. Write-up section 2 Explain the meaning of an aim and an objective, saying how objective can be used to achieve an aim. Write a paragraph on each business, X and Z, describing what the aims and objectives are for the business in a given sub-sector.

Amendment P3) Carry out a risk assessment in a health or social care setting. M2) Assess the hazards identified in the health or social care setting.

D1) Make recommendations in relation to the identified hazards to minimise the risks to the service user.

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