Nebosh igc 3

As well as NEBOSH IGC covering the range of workplace hazards, risks and the methods of the control, it includes the reference to the international standards linking to the management of the health and safety at work.

Nebosh igc 3

Element 3 Organizing for Health and Safety Outline the health and safety roles and responsibilities of employers, manager, supervisors, employees and other relevant parties? Organizing health and safety roles and responsibilities: Which categories of people does an employer owe a duty to?

It is important to consider who an employer owes a duty to: They have duty to ensure that their organization meets this obligation. They are responsible for setting policy and allocating resources to allow that policy to work effectively So the responsibilities of directors and senior managers are to ensure that: Have duty to ensure that the part of organization under their control is safe and free of health risk.

They execute the policy of their organization operationally Safety specialists: He has responsibility for giving correct advice and guidance to the organization and its workers The typical responsibilities of the safety specialist include: They have also responsibilities to cooperate with their employers Controller of Premises: They are responsible for ensuring that the premises that they control are safe to use as a workplace and that access of workplace is safe.

They have duty to take reasonable care of their own and other who might effect by their work. Outline the areas of responsibility placed on people in the supply chain for the articles and substances which the supply to workplace?

Suppliers, manufacturers and designers: They are responsible for their own safety and safety of others who their work might affect.

However, the client who takes on contractors is also responsible for ensuring that those contractors do not endanger anyone. Before selecting contractor client should carefully check their health and safety competence.

To help in this you can ask to see evidence of competence such as: Contractor should carryout risk assessment on the work involve and develop safe working methods to control the risks indentifies. Client should ensure that contractor complies with safe working practice Joint occupiers of premises: When two or more employers share a workplace they must cooperate and coordinate their activities to ensure good health and safety standards Explain the importance and means of consulting with employee on health and safety issues and the means to achieve effective consultation?

Employers should consult with their workers on health and safety matters. It is legal duties in many countries even where there is not legal duty it is recognized as a good practice Consulting: The two way exchange of information and opinion between employer and workers Informing: Providing information to workers in a form they can understand.

This information flow is one way The two methods which employers normally use to consult workers are: Through worker representatives Consultation is usually achieved by establishing a health and safety committee made up of key managers and workers.

The workers involved in this committee are usually representing groups of workers. Discussed the use of a health and safety committee as a method of consultation with workers and looked at the various issues that must be in order to make committee work effectively?

Health and safety committee: To work effectively the committee has to be set up and run according to agreed rules and procedure which form part of the policy arrangements of the organization.

The following issues should be taken into account in these arrangements 1. Who is on the committee — there should be balance between managers and workers 2. How often will the committee meet? Who will act as chairperson?

What authority will the committee have? What will be discussed? How will the discussion be recorded? How will issues discussed be followed up?NEBOSH IGC gives the valuable overview, and it is a sound basis for the further professional study in Occupational Health and Safety, For example, the NEBOSH International Diploma, Fire Certificate and the Construction Certificate.

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COURSE REVIEW. This course is designed to give delegates a solid understanding of health and safety. It will enable candidates to interpret, understand, implement and monitor health and safety management systems.

Nebosh igc 3

GC 3 – Health and Safety Practical Application (together within. In the NEBOSH IGC questions and answers, there are a lot of Command words used like- define, give, explain, suggest, complete, describe etc.

These command words are used in the NEBOSH IGC questions and answers to check the student’s level of understanding of the subject and their demonstration skill/5(22).

NEBOSH International General Certificate in Occupational Safety and Health (IGC) is recognised worldwide as an essential qualification for anybody working in or wanting to work in health and safety.

It is an excellent introduction to occupational safety and health and is suitable for working in all types of organisations and industries. 41) Describe the possible effects on H & S of inadequate lighting in a workplace.

Headaches The effect of adopting a poor posture. The physical risks caused by poor lighting e.g. nebosh igc 3 assignment by prem international general. certificate gc3 – the health and safety practical. Sample Copy of NEBOSH IGC - 3