Honda value chain analysis rover alliance

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Honda value chain analysis rover alliance

Honda has provided appealing products and services that bring joy to customers worldwide in all aspects of our businesses, namely motorcycles, automobiles, power products, aircraft and aircraft engines.

Thanks to these efforts, we have grown as a mobility company that is capable of serving over 30 million customers in a single year by providing value unique to Honda. Meanwhile, the business environment surrounding Honda is now at a major turning point. Changes include the diversification of values such as the shift from "owning" to Honda value chain analysis rover alliance things i.

Moreover, the transformation of the industrial structure due to technological advancements, including energy conversion, artificial intelligence AI and the Internet of Things IoTis proceeding on a global level. To ensure our ongoing viability as a company within this evolving environment, a future-looking vision that can quickly address the changes of the times is essential.

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With this in mind, in Honda formulated the " Vision," which articulates our direction toward the future. Specifically, as we continue operating our existing businesses, we must determine how we are going to transform and evolve the value of our existing businesses in accordance with the significantly changing expectations of society and the needs of our customers.

Also, we will consider how we are going to create new value in our motorcycle, automobile and power products business domains beyond the framework of our existing businesses. In keeping with the " Vision," we will move quickly to reinforce the "strengths of Honda.

Additionally, we are working to strengthen collaboration between Japan and overseas bases as well as inter-business collaboration including motorcycles, automobiles and power products.

These efforts are steadily achieving results. Honda believes its sustainability as a company depends on fulfilling its corporate social responsibilities. This includes meeting the expectations and demands of stakeholders by providing value such as relevant products and services while considering the impacts on the environment and society.

Equally important for our corporate sustainability is for Honda to help solve social issues through business activities such as responding to the Paris Agreement and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals SDGs.

You can look forward to Honda continuing to achieve sustainable growth together with society and making further strides within this era of change.

I sincerely appreciate your continued support for our endeavors. Moving beyond words alone, Honda incorporates the Philosophy into educational programs for its associates and gives it life by turning it into action, from everyday business activities to management decisionmaking, so that every person in the Company can responsibly continue putting the Philosophy into practice.

Additionally, Honda engages in corporate activities under the concept of "Free and Open, Challenge, Co-evolution". As a responsible global company, Honda will undertake the resolution of problems while listening to the voices of its diverse stakeholders so as to meet their expectations and earn their trust.

Fundamental Beliefs Respect for the Individual Initiative Initiative means not to be bound by preconceived ideas, but think creatively and act on your own initiative and judgment, while understanding that you must take responsibility for the results of those actions. Equality Equality means to recognize and respect individual differences in one another and treat each other fairly.

Our company is committed to this principle and to creating equal opportunities for each individual. Trust The relationship among associates at Honda should be based on mutual trust. Trust is created by recognizing each other as individuals, helping out where others are deficient, accepting help where we are deficient, sharing our knowledge, and making a sincere effort to fulfill our responsibilities.

The Three Joys The joy of buying The joy of buying is achieved through providing products and services that exceed the needs and expectations of each customer. The joy of selling The joy of selling occurs when those who are engaged in selling and servicing Honda products develop relationships with a customer based on mutual trust.

Through this relationship, Honda associates, dealers and distributors experience pride and joy in satisfying the customer and in representing Honda to the customer.

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The joy of creating The joy of creating occurs when Honda associates and suppliers involved in the design, development, engineering and manufacturing of Honda products recognize a sense of joy in our customers and dealers. The joy of creating occurs when quality products exceed expectations and we experience pride in a job well done.

Company Principle Maintaining a global viewpoint, we are dedicated to supplying products of the highest quality yet at a reasonable price for worldwide customer satisfaction. Management Policies Proceed always with ambition and youthfulness. Respect sound theory, develop fresh ideas and make the most effective use of time.

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Fake News Papers Fake News Videos. A Few Abbreviations. Honda Sustainability Report is available on our website.

Honda value chain analysis rover alliance

Aiming to realize a sustainable society, Honda has identified the Environment, Safety, Quality and Society as important themes and has been carrying out wide-ranging activities accordingly.

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