Essay on desire and passion

Background[ edit ] Entering into a long philosophical tradition of inquiry into human nature, Unger begins by categorically rejecting the idea of a natural order to the world or a natural state of human organization. For Unger, there are no natural laws.

Essay on desire and passion

In fact, I can hardly imagine my own life passionless. Without passions our life would rather resemble the life of an emotionless plant than the life of a human being.

At the same time, I am conscious of the fact that passions play great role in our life and often guide us. However, our passions do not always lead us to great achievements.

For instance, people are often affected by passion for material prosperity which forces them to make actions which are not always good or it can even lead them to a crime.

But I think we can hardly call it a true, great passion but it is rather a primitive instinct than a passion. On the other hand, I have a perfect example of a true passion that really contributed to my personal development and made me feel that I am a really significant person and that my life is meaningful.

My passion is volunteering and help to other people who are in need. When I was a child I was responsible for my younger brother and as I grew up I started to think over my place in the society and I attempted to find some purpose in my life.

Now I understand that it was just a period of the formation of my identity but it is in this period my passion to help other people started to dominate in the development of my personality.

I should say that I started with the help to other students. When I was in my high school I tutored other students from the poverty stricken areas.

I felt my responsibility to help those children because I perfectly understood that I have some knowledge that I can share with other people.

Essay on desire and passion

At the same time, I know that many children do not have an opportunity to get a good education but they are gifted. Consequently, I could help them. This is actually why I started tutoring them and this became my passion. At the same time, this passion brought me great satisfaction because I felt that my help is really useful and that those children really need me.

It was a really great experience because it bring in new emotions in my life and made my life really purposeful. Through the help to other people I understood that could make my own contribution in the improvement of the life of those who are really in need. My experience of tutoring made me more concerned on serious problems such as poverty, for instance, and now I want to continue volunteering and help people in need.

However, I realize that I cannot be really effective without higher education and, what is more, I think that volunteering is not enough and what our society really needs is structural changes which could make the help to people in need not just my passion or the passion of a few volunteers, but rather a norm of social life.

In this respect, I think business education may be very helpful because it will provide me with an opportunity to use my knowledge and apply my efforts more effectively.

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When the word passion comes to mine, the first word that many people associated the word passion with is love or desire. The word passion can take on many forms and have multiple meanings depend on the situation it is used in.

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Passion: An Essay on Personality is a philosophical inquiry into human nature by philosopher and politician Roberto Mangabeira Unger. The book explores the individual and his relation to society, asking how one comes to an understanding of self and others.

He charts out a path by which the individual first has desire, which is then. Example Essay on Passions and My Personal Growth. When I think about my childhood, the notion of baseball comes to mind, and a feeling of nostalgia and tradition goes through my head.

In order for me to make my final decision, I first had to find the desire, feel that passion, and search for the ambition and I believe I’ve finally found all three. Donate If you enjoyed this essay, please consider making a tax-deductible contribution to This I Believe, Inc.

Passion: An Essay on Personality - Wikipedia