Distortion factor in performance appraisal

Actively resolves workplace conflicts Supports organizational goals and endeavors Teamwork The degree to which the employee works well in a team setting. These unremarkable facts would not qualify for a cover story in Harvard Business Review by management guru Gary Hamel December What makes the company remarkable is that it has no bosses, titles or promotions. Every employee negotiates his CLOU with all those affected by his work.

Distortion factor in performance appraisal

Important factors that can distort performance appraisal are given below: Leniency error Each evaluator has his own value system which acts as a standard against which appraisals are made.

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Relative to the true performance an individual exhibits, some evaluators mark high and others low. If all individuals in an organisation were appraised by the same person, there would be no problem.

The difficulty arises when we have different raters with different leniency errors making judgments. Halo error or halo effect is a tendency to rate high or low on all factors due to the impression of a high or low rating on some specific factor.

As an example, if an employee tends to be dependable, we might become biased towards him to the extent that we will rate him high on many desirable attributes. Similarity error When evaluators rate other people in the same way that the evaluators perceive themselves, they are making a similarity error.

Due to this perception that evaluators have of themselves, they project those perceptions onto others.

When managed and delivered effectively, performance appraisals are an excellent way to communicate with employees, set goals, review progress and motivate workers. However, a number of errors can get in the way of quality appraisals, and even cause negative effects on employee progress and morale. Start studying Human Resource Chapter Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Performance appraisal distortion caused by evaluating employees against one's own value system Human Resource Chapter 2. 55 terms. Human Resource Chapter 3. 19 terms. Human Resource Chapter 7. Conscious rating distortion in performance appraisal: A review, commentary, and proposed framework for research Author links open overlay panel Jeffrey R. Spence a Lisa Keeping b 1 Show more.

For example, the evaluator who perceives himself as aggressive may evaluate others by looking for aggressiveness. Those who demonstrate this characteristic tend to benefit, while others are penalised.

Central tendency Raters who are prone to the central tendency error are those who continually rate all employees as average. For example, if a manager rates all subordinates as 2 on a scale of 1 to 4 then no differentiation among the subordinates exists.

Failures to rate subordinates as 4, for those who deserve that rating, will only create problems if this information is used for pay increase. In many jobs it is difficult to get consensus on what is a good job and it is still more difficult to get agreement on what criteria will determine performance.

As a result, the appraisal is frequently made by using substitutes for performance, such as criteria that closely approximate performance and act in its place. Many of these substitutes are well chosen and give a good approximation of actual performance.

However, the substitutes chosen are not always appropriate. Organisations use criteria such as enthusiasm, conscientiousness and a positive attitude as substitutes for performance. In some jobs one or more of the criteria listed above are part of performance.

Enthusiasm does enhance the effectiveness of a teacher. But enthusiasm may not be relevant to effective performance for many accountants or watch repairers.

Distortion factor in performance appraisal

So what may be an appropriate substitute for performance in one job may be totally inappropriate in another.performance appraisal a project report on “employee’s performance appraisal” for anil industries katni pvt.

ltd. submitted to mody institute of technology and science submitted by vishakha kewlani (batch – ) guided by dr. Employees should know when to expect performance reviews, and the manager should plan ahead and set an appraisal meeting on time. Scheduling and preparing for appraisal meetings helps your employees take them more seriously.

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Only at benjaminpohle.com". A record of performance appraisal process outcomes. J The third step in the appraisal process. F A performance appraisal method that lists traits and a range of performance for each. H Evaluating an employee’s performance by comparing the employee with other employees.

B Ranking employees’ performance from highest 95%(22). Distortions in performance appraisals and employee perceptions of fairness in rewards and incentives and career development. According to Dreher/Dougherty, “A barrier to the accuracy and credibility of performance measures is posed by a number of rater errors, perceptual biases and other sources of distortion in .

Performance Appraisals and How They Go Wrong