Corruption india s enemy no 1

Bribery And Corruption — Enemy of the Nation? Sri Lanka Guardian FeatureSocialSri Lanka Obviously corruption and bribery cannot be completely eradicated and the attempts should be made to minimize it as far as possible. If the system is not effective short and long effective genuine methods are to be adopted and implemented to curb it. Few months after coming into power over a trillion was robbed to run over 30 years and now there are mega scams lined up from military ship deal, fertilizer scam, vacant building taken for the Agriculture Ministry onwards in the public domain are only a few when compared to many more deals by the Parliamentary Mafia on sale of permits and shady deals to be exposed by activists in the near future.

Corruption india s enemy no 1

Corruption: The enemy of the nation

Many organizations work to eliminate corruption in public life. It is still thriving with Rs. One out of every 5 persons goes to bed without food, one out of every 27 persons lives in slums, each citizen carries Rs.

India, the land known for its rich Culture, Intellectuals, Saints and Philosophers, is now dominated by corruption. One fateful morning, I along with my friends was walking on a small road in a beautiful village enjoying the natural greenery, cool air, bird sounds, fresh mist and the just rising sun.

Suddenly I was about to fall on the road when my toe hit a small stone lying across the road. I thought for a while and decided to remove that stone as it may hurt others also. As I tried to pluck it with my fingers, I realized that some part of the stone is inside the earth.

I took a small tool and started digging the earth. As I was digging, it was going inside and I could not find its end, which is in fact a solid rock. In my determination to somehow remove that rock, I was going on digging and digging and finally I went so deep inside that I trapped.

My companions left me realizing that it is a waste of time.

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Almost 8 years passed since then. Just with a sense of morality and responsibility to wards the society, I wish to contribute to my level best to highlight this problem.

No war, no argument, no quarrel, no allegation, no controversy, no trapping, no punishment, and no blackmailing. Just I want to put forward my opinion on the issue and throw some light on the inside story with factual figures.

It has sophisticated mathematical knowledge for centuries, amazing wealth and its Buddhism became the most influential philosophic and religious tradition in the world.

In the present days, after getting freedom from colonial rule, as a result of sacrifices of millions of freedom fighters, India established a genuine democracy, complete with a free press, a real legal system, and extensive personal freedom, reasonably good accounting standards, and an independent judiciary.

Given the human and educational resources of India, given its relative political stability, given its well-developed legal system, all fundamental prerequisites to the building of wealth, why does India remain so poor?

And why do Indians who immigrate to other countries, perform much better than those who stay in India? The answer to all these questions, which are related, is not hard to find. It eats away vast economic resources that could be otherwise socially employed for nation building.

World Bank describes that abuse of public power for private gains is corruption. But this appears to be too simplistic explanation of corruption.

In fact it is a multi-faceted evil, which gradually kills a system. A basic conflict between the ethos and system has weakened the Indian people.India's Own Worst Enemy India is its own worst enemy. The world’s largest democracy is not only a nuclear power but also one of its fastest growing economies, one that is supported by a massive labor pool flush with tech-savvy and English-speaking workers.

So as India is a dwarf in front of China in economy (consider our trade deficit) so number one enemy is (1.)China Pakistan is hurting by cross border terrorism even though terrorism is at a low phase now so Pakistan is number (2.) enemy.

by Sarath Wijesinghe. Bribery and Corruption (December 27, , Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) Sri Lanka has come to 4th position in Bribery and Corruption with the first place as the largest. Also Visit:,html.

Corruption india s enemy no 1 Sep 19,  · india’s enemy no. 1 Every one thinks that the national enemy is some where lying at the other side of the boarder of our country and Government spends huge amounts on procuring weapons to defend. But aren’t we realized that the real national enemy is within our own country, along with us and moving with us, THE CORRUPTION, Nation’s.

IN POST independence India, we have seen a lot of corruption taking place in all spheres of life and no one has been spared from allegations.

People from top to bottom have come under the scanner.

Is corruption India's Enemy No. 1?