Business report example uk address

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Business report example uk address

I am a Chartered Clinical Psychologist. My specialist field is psychological trauma an area within which I have worked over the past seven years. Full details of my qualifications entitling me to give expert opinion and evidence are set out at the end of this report.

Mr Jones Husband 2. She was clearly distressed by her level of anxiety in relation to the driving situation. She described how a car in front suddenly braked to turn into a driveway and as she came to a halt she was hit from behind by a lorry.

Feelings of distress persisted in the aftermath of the accident and a woman from a nearby house came to her assistance.

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She remained in the car and contacted her husband on her mobile phone, to inform him of the accident. The police were called and dealt with the aftermath of the accident and she later returned home with her husband.

Generally felt that she was unable to cope with the extent of her reaction. She was aware of an overwhelming sense of vulnerability in that accidents could occur at any time. She did not want to talk about the accident but described vivid intrusive images of the accident that would repeatedly come into her mind.

The following day Mrs Jones awoke in great pain from her neck and made an appointment to see her doctor. He diagnosed a whiplash injury and recommended that she rest for a few days. Mrs Jones was off work for a week or so, during which time the pain was severe.

However, she noted that this has improved since and the pain generally recovered within a period of several months.

On interview she did not report any ongoing pain related problems. Mrs Jones gained a replacement vehicle from her insurance, which she needed to attend work. She reflected that she lives in a rural area and was dependent upon a car for transportation.

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This has persisted until the present day and has dominated her life and caused her significant difficulty. Mrs Jones has not been able to avoid driving, but generally endures this situation with dread. She lives in an isolated rural location, has to travel some ten miles to work, and there is no public transport for her to use.

Consequently, she has no option but to drive and experiences severe and disabling anxiety when she does so.

business report example uk address

The intensity of her reaction tends to fluctuate depending on her experiences on the day. Sometimes she is able to make the journey in one go but more often than not she will have to stop and compose herself, for example if someone is driving too close behind her, suddenly pulls into her pathway, or if there are lorries in close proximity.

She is unable to drive in the dark or if the weather conditions are poor. Her employers have been sympathetic toward her difficulties and have provided her with a computer at home with e-mail, so if she is unable to drive she can continue to work from home. Other than avoiding driving in the dark, she also avoids driving on motorways.

She will avoid any non-essential journey and will not even go out shopping, now buying goods over the Internet. She acknowledged that short local journeys are not too distressing although she endeavours to limit the time that she spends in the car.

As a result of her driving anxiety her social life has been considerably curtailed. Whereas she used to drive to see friends, she now no longer does so. She generally prefers to remain at home and whilst she will occasionally go out to town if necessary, she will avoid doing so if at all possible.

She is exceedingly wary of other vehicles on the road, particularly those travelling behind her. She feels that she is constantly looking in her mirror and as a result is aware that she is driving unsafely. She is also very anxious as a passenger, reflecting that at times she will scream out, and on one occasion even tried to get out of the car.

She will make the driver, usually her husband, pull over at times given the extent of her distress. She does not feel in control and feels that the driver tends to go too fast for her. If they do have to go anywhere socially then she prefers to travel by train.

She feels very despondent about the extent of her anxiety as she is aware how limited her life has become as a result.

For example, she and her husband no longer go for days out in the ca for pleasure and neither does she go on shopping trips in town which she used to enjoy.

She has endeavoured to seek help for her difficulties.

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She underwent a course of driving lessons but was told that there was nothing wrong with her driving and that it was in her head. She was referred by her doctor to a counsellor but did not find this of any help in managing her anxieties.

Mrs Jones did not describe dwelling on the accident and neither did she note spontaneous intrusive imagery of such.Business Continuity Plan (BCP) Template With Instructions and Example [Erik Kopp] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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A Complete Template For Quickly And Easily Creating A Working BCP; including Step-By-Step Business Impact Analysis. Sample Change of Address Letter Use this template when you change your business address and want to let your business associates know. Structuring a business report can be tricky.

We have some advice to share, from crafting the perfect title to writing an efficient conclusion. See an example of a well-structured business report (pdf).

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Examples and discussion of how to write a business report for English language learners including an example business plan to use as a template. This example business report presents the four essentials that every business report should include: It is not necessary to include your email address as the recipient can just reply to the email.

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