Book finding the love of your life

Divorce rates are ridiculously high.

Book finding the love of your life

Life is hard, and to live it fully and express your soul authentically requires the courage of a warrior and the softness, gentleness, and yielding flexibility of a goddess. But so do you, every time you say yes to your calling.

Sometimes we only discover we are heroes when we get disillusioned enough with the dysfunction of our present circumstances.

When we feel sad enough and lost enough and hopeless enough, something deep within us has the opportunity to emerge, something stronger and wiser than we may ever have known existed within us.

What is the arc? But maybe not the way you expect.

Book finding the love of your life

It usually rings very softly at first, perhaps so softly that, like your cell phone with the ringer off, you miss it altogether. But when you fail to pick up, the phone is likely to ring louder. Some Divine force turns the ringer on.

The dangers are too risky. Your comfort zone is too secure. It would be so much easier to stay in the Ordinary World, even though the Ordinary World is so.

There are so many really, really good reasons to hang up the phone and refuse the call. Nobody would blame you. It would be natural to turn your back on something so terrifying. Your calling chooses you. This mentor will encourage you to say yes, gifting you with boons and uplifting your confidence.

Crossing the Threshold Finally, with the aid of this mentor, you either muster up the moxy to rally to the task, picking up the phone with a smile, or you get so worn down by the incessant ringing that you pick up with a sigh and a roll of the eyes. The minute you say YES to your calling and cross the threshold from the Ordinary World into the Special World, life tends to get very interesting and synchronicities tend to pop up to affirm that you made the right decision.

The Road of Trials Test, Enemies, Allies Because magical things start happening the minute you say YES to your calling, you may be seduced into thinking the whole journey will be a cakewalk.

But the honeymoon period of your entry into the Special World is just a phase. The Road of Trials consists of a series of tests and obstacles the hero must overcome, and along the way, the hero meets allies and enemies and begins to learn the rules of a world far different than the Ordinary World.

This can be a challenging time. How can you tell the difference? Watch the trailer here. Approaching the Innermost Cave As the Road of Trials intensifies, the hero comes to the edge of a dangerous place—the headquarters of the enemy or the dark cave of the new world, or a scary inner place where the reckoning must happen as part of a Dark Night of the Soul.

The Ordeal The ordeal usually follows, a fight to the death with the forces of darkness, when the hero is at risk of losing it all. Surviving the ordeal is a right of passage, an initiation into the new world that graduates the hero into a wiser, more enlightened state of being.

The holy grail is found. Life-changing wisdom is earned. An elixir that will serve as the balm for a wounded culture is won. Heroes always find the courage to bring the holy grail back home to the Ordinary World so others can benefit too.

Resurrection Before the grail comes home, the hero undergoes one last final exam, a last-ditch effort on the part of the forces of fear and darkness to derail the hero from bringing the hard-won reward back to the Ordinary World so that it may become the promised land.

This last ordeal nearly brings the hero down—again. But once again—phew—the hero is resurrected. Without this death and rebirth witnessed by the people of the Ordinary World, those the hero left behind might have trouble recognizing that Joe Schmoe, who was once just like them, has now transformed into a butterfly.

Because this resurrection tends to be witnessed, people in the Ordinary World wake up and realize the hero has a precious gift to bring back home, something that could turn everyone at home into butterflies. Luke Skywalker learns to ally himself with The Force.

Nelson Mandela becomes President and dismantles apartheid, bringing to chaos the peace he discovered during his imprisonment. Once you find the holy grail, you see the light and can use it to illuminate others.Books like Finding the Love of Your Life Finding the Love of Your Life by.

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If you want to get inspired – these are the books you should read:

I share inspiring quotes at the Your Life YOUR Way facebook page (click the link to join) and have collected 75 of the best kickass inspirational quotes on life, love, happiness, change & growth that I’ve found. Bookmark this post & visit anytime for inspiration! Related Book PDF Book Finding True Love The 4 Essential Keys To Discovering The Love Of Your Life: The New Republic Lp A Novel - The Mountain And Tidewater Songs A .

The Wait: A Powerful Practice to Finding the Love of Your Life and the Life You Love. DeVon Franklin and Meagan Good, with Tim Vandehey.

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S&S/Howard, $24 () ISBN Certainly, Arterburn offers advice drawn from hard real life; a chapter on red flags to avoid can save people heartaches. But the book is marked more by confident speech than real-life examples. Oct 12,  · I love finding guides on how to avoid 'land mines' in life and business.

This is one of those books that helps to avoid the land mines in relationships. And believe me, I had to step in many land mines before I found this book/5.

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