Bkb agriculture loan bd

The bank was developed in a way that could help nourish and develop the agriculture and all other related economic activities of rural Bangladesh.

Bkb agriculture loan bd

Socio Economic Development Activities 8. Others With the objective of adding further value to agro products and promoting their market arrangement identification and financing of new prospective projects. Such as potato products, juice production, food processing industries etc were undertaken. Importance was given to disbursement of credit to the entrepreneurs as per their need by exploring potentialities under Area Approach.

As for example, extending credit to the entrepreneurs of Jessore, Sathkhira, Rangunia, Hathajari for flower cultivation and marketing. Importance was also given to extending credit to the private organization engaged in diversification of agro products, improvement of marketing channel and above all modernization of agriculture.

To increase credit disbursements, especially in sectors like fishery, livestock, agro based industries etc. Main sector of loan disbursement Crop Loan: Crop is the most important sector in Bangladesh agriculture.

Fifty percent of the total labor force is engaged in agricultural activities and its exclusive contribution to GDP is 4.

BKB gives highest priority to crop loan disbursement considering labor intensity of the crop sector and its contribution to national economy. Crop loan constitutes 41 percent of the total disbursement of loan.

Continuous Loan:

Fishery is a large potential sector for economic development and employment generation in Bangladesh. It contributes a lot to GDP and helps to meet protein needs of the vast population, earn foreign exchange through export, reduce poverty through employment generation for the poor and improve socio economic condition of the people.

Livestock plays a vital role in an agro based economy like Bangladesh. Livestock products like leather, fur and bones play a great role in earning foreign exchange.

BKB disbursed a huge amount for purchase of draft animals for cultivation of 90 percent of the cultivable land.

BKB provides credit facilities to different sub sectors of livestock for purchasing bullock, rearing milk cow, beef fattening etc. BKB provides credit facilities for machineries to various organizations involved in product diversification, value addition and export of agricultural goods.

Irrigation and Agriculture Equipments: BKB plays a pioneering role for increasing agricultural productivity. The role of agrobased industries in a developed country like Bangladesh is enormous in respect of commercialization of farming, diversification of export and value addition to agro products.

Keeping in this vies, BKB provides huge credit facilities for establishing different types of agrobsed projects like poultry, dairy, food and food processing plant, fish processing plant, packaging industries etc.

Financing Socio Economic Development programs: With its wide network of branches through out the country BKB provides credit to the distressed people engaged in socio economic activities. Besides financing in the agricultural sector, BKB like other commercial banks provides credit facilities for export and import.

Bkb agriculture loan bd

With the objective of expediting export performance the bank undertakes other functions like purchase and negotiation of export bills, pre export finance.

Along with this BKB finances import sector for import of raw materials and machinery for projects and garment industries. Sub sectors of crop loan Food Grain and Cash Crop: BKB attaches special importance to the expansion and diversification of programs related to horticulture.

The sub sector of horticulture: Establishing nursery and its marketing Growing mushroom and its marketing Producing Capsicum, Lattus, Brukly, French Bean and another vegetables for export extension.

Producing and marketing spices like Onion, Garlic, Zinger, Turmeric etc. Producing bamboo and murta used in marketing mat, making betel-nut and guava garden.

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Credit program for fruit, forest, herbal nursery and gardening: Through this credit program, BKB is also providing employment to the rural people ensuring maximum utilization of fallow land.Live Stock Loan – Bangladesh Krishi Bank has special loans designed for supporting the rearing of domestic animals like cows, bullocks, goats, etc.

Livestock products, such as: leather, fur and bones are lucrative products to export and earn foreign currency. Farmer Finance supports you using a whole farm approach – support in all aspects of agriculture.

Our agriculture loans meet your both short term and long term credit needs. Retail Agri Loan - Kisan Credit Card / Kisan Card Kisan Credit Card (KCC) is a specially designed credit card for farmers. Disbursement of farm machineries loan.

hineries sector of BKB was increased in from But it was decreased in and After that it was increased in Growth of farm machineries loan. Table: 2 shows the growth of loan allocation for farm machineries sector. Finance Product Range. BKB AgriFin’s loan products have been customised specifically for the primary agricultural sector in South Africa.


BKB AgriFin’s credit advisors and divisional personnel work closely with you on a farm level to understand and meet your unique financial needs. Bangladesh Krishi Bank, the largest specialized bank of the country, was established under the President Order No.

27 of to finance climate-dependent uncertain and risky agriculture sector. Bangladesh Krishi Bank (BKB) performs all sorts of banking activities including deposit, loan and foreign exchange transactions.

Live Stock & Continuous Loan Live stock sector plays an important role in the development of agriculture. BKB provides loan for Bullock, Milky Cow, Goatery, Beef fattening and other draft animals.

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