Authors who write about africa

The story is about a time-travelling serial killer and the survivor who turns the hunt around. Referring to the inspiration for her writing, Beukes says:

Authors who write about africa

Here, the subjects of taboo are widely explored. The emerging African authors of this generation are not afraid to go further afield for the literary fodder. We bring you the all-time most prominent among them: He was born inand schooled at the University of Ibadan, Nigeria.

His first groundbreaking novel titled Things Fall Apart was published in This novel which has since been translated into over 50 languages due to its high demand, made Achebe very popular. He died early in Boston, Massachusetts, aged of 82 years old. He was born in in Nigeria and he became the first African author to be awarded the Nobel Prize award in literature.

Common in his recent works, is the focus on satirizing the the evils fundamental in the practice of power in modern West Africa. He was born in in Addis Ababa the capital city of Ethiopia.

He moved to the USA together with his sister and mother two years after his birth, to reunite with his father who had previously fled the country during the Red Terror. He graduated from Georgetown University. She has been regarded as one of the best and most original African authors to come from West Africa.

Her works and life were usually preoccupied with several issues such as power, gender relations, and inequality. She also focused on the ways in which these issues were affected and framed by Islamic and African cultural beliefs. She wrote her first novel titled So Long a Letter in She died injust before publishing her second novel, Scarlet Song.

Her work and life as an African author set the stage for the new generation of the west African female authors. Her fiction was drawn from her experiences in Diaspora as well as influences from her educational background.

She was one of the African female authors whose life and litarary works have been brought into focus in recent days. She became famous because of her three novels; When Rain Clouds Gather, published inMaru also published in and the third one A Question of Power launched in He is widely acknowledged as the seminal figure in both African film and literature.

His work was focused centrally on the cultural practices as well as political discourses that surround the female body in the continent of Africa. He is one of the best and most celebrated African authors and intellectuals. He is also one of the African authors who have enjoyed both national and international acclaim as an essayist, novelist, playwright, activist and social commentator.

His experience of the Mau Mau struggle for independence, British colonialism and the position of Kenya in the neo-colonial era are some of the issues that preoccupy much of his thoughts and writings. There are also young and vibrant upcoming authors with different thoughts and writing touching all aspects of life.Helping Writers Become Authors.

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authors who write about africa

Dealing with a range of social and cultural issues, from women’s rights and feminism to post-war and post-colonial identity, here are some of Africa’s best contemporary writers. Chinua Achebe One of the world’s most widely recognized and praised writers, Chinua Achebe wrote some of the most extraordinary works of the 20th century.

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