Advantages of using english as medium of communication

The English language is one of the languages most commonly spoken throughout the world and is the leading language of contact in the global business world. When an Israeli businessman meets with a Japanese or Chinese businessman, chances are he will speak to him in English. Even internally in organizations it is currently common to operate in this language, whether through emails, meetings, Skype, various conferences throughout the world or in any other form that requires communication between people. But could it be that English may actually harm our ability to conduct successful business dialogue?

Advantages of using english as medium of communication

Nov 13, Comparing with the traditional media, such as books, TV and films are more modern. However, all of these ways have their own advantages and disadvantages. Books have been used for thousands of years, and undoubtly they played an essential role in human's history. Not only books can bring us basic knowledge, such as history, geometry and other science, but also they teach us how to think independently.

Without books, I can hardly imagine how to transfer our culture heritage form generation to generation. What's more, It is only books that are so convenient that we can take them everywhere we want.

Even so, books have several drawbacks. We may get bored after a long time reading, since there are no sound or video information. Especially for children, it is hard to focus on books for hours.

Apart from that, the capacity of a book is so limited that we have to consult a multitude of books for research people.

Televisions and films are more stimulating ways to get information in current society. If TVs and films had not been invented, we would lose much fun.

TVs make information communication much easier and more interactive. Folks just sit in sofa and relax, and they will receive up-to-data information, for example, latest product information, news reports and talk shows. Also, films are getting increasingly popular these days, because they bring us more fantastic vision and audio enjoy.

Particularly, American blockbusters have much more fans than before. Everything has its two sides. An apparent drawback of TVs or films is that we may get addicted to it and waste too much time.

And more important, some TV shows or films may impact us in a bad way.


In conclusion, both books and TVs or films are indispensable for modern society for communicating information. Books take more profound knowledge, and TVs or films bring more fun for our life.Discover the basic elements of the communication process and learn how two or more people exchange ideas.

the medium is the means by which a message is transmitted.

Advantages of using english as medium of communication

Text messages, for example, are transmitted through the medium of cell phones. The code is the English language they're using. And the message itself is "Remember the milk!".

Advantages of using english as medium of communication

Aims. This module follows on from Module , Introduction to the Internet, and aims to provide a practical guide to using Web resources on- and offline.. This Web page is designed to be read from the printed page.

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There are a ton of costly solutions for teacher training out there, but the most value for a school's money can be achieved by building out your own training program using YouTube online video. Video is the most interactive medium for online instruction apart from dedicated interaction with an instructor.

THROUGH THE MEDIUM OF SHONA AND ENGLISH IN HIGH SCHOOLS AND claimed that there are several advantages in using the mother-tongue as a medium of instruction: the development of critical powers, the fostering of effective communication, the enhancement of deeper cultural understanding and the increasing of national consciousness (Walusimbi.

Some advantages to using gesture in communication are trust can becreated, emotion can be controlled, relationships can be built,subconscious messages can .

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