A description of moviemaking process

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A description of moviemaking process

Accessories Overview Redefine the possibilities of high-megapixel video and still photography with the full-frame performance of the new and improved Nikon D With an incomparable image resolution of An ISO sensitivity range of 64 to ensures that your shots retain high resolution and rich tonality in any lighting condition.

Achieve stunning results that are true to every detail with the unparalleled power of the D The FX-based format allows you to achieve exquisitely shallow depth of field with beautiful bokeh effects. With the DX-based format, your image can be cropped to an area equivalent to a DX-sized sensor, enabling the capture of distant subjects without a loss in quality.

Find out more Take your movie-making to the next level Enjoy more freedom and choices for your video recording. The power aperture control includes pre-assigned buttons for changing the aperture smoothly and quietly mid-shot, without the hassle of rotating the command dial.

During full manual video recording, the appropriate exposure can be easily achieved with the use of the Auto ISO sensitivity control. When it comes to capturing audio, record crystal clear sound with the built-in stereo microphone.

Wind noise reduction and sound band selection options ensure rich sound captures, especially when shooting outdoors. Find out more Ultimate speed for ultimate performance The Nikon D will capture the action shots you desire with the clarity you demand.

Choose between a variety of focus configurations with the highly-accurate point autofocus AF system to suit the shooting situation and capture precise images with the sharpest detail. With the Group-area AF mode, you can take advantage of an improved level of subject detection.

The superior power of the sensor is further enhanced by the EXPEED 4 image-processing engine, which delivers high resolution across all sensitivities for both stills and video. Intelligent features you can rely on Cleverly designed with an electronic front-curtain shutter and a newly-developed mechanical sequence, the Nikon D captures exceptionally sharp images by reducing the internal vibration of the camera.

This redesigned shutter also allows you to shoot images with absolute discretion, thanks to the diminished shutter noise. Find out more Precision-crafted design elements The Nikon D has been enhanced with design features that draw out the full potential of this The LCD monitor takes advantage of RGBW alignment, an increased number of white dots, and an integrated glass-and-panel structure for increased screen brightness.

The colour balance of the monitor can be customised according to your preference or shooting situation. The body of the D has also been effectively sealed to protect against dust and water droplets to provide durability.

This image option has a quarter of the resolution with a file size which is half that of the uncompressed RAW size L, speeding up the time needed for transfer and post-production. With the Split-Screen Display zoom feature, you can simultaneously view two points in a split screen for accurately levelled images, which is essential when capturing shots of architectural structures such as buildings and bridges.National Merit Semifinalists.

Four seniors from the Class of selected to prestigious honor. SEE more. Movie directing is the process of turning a written script into a short or full-length film. Find out about rankings and program offerings for the top colleges with movie directing programs.

What Just Happened? Is a unique comedy that has plenty of laughs.

A description of moviemaking process

The comedy displayed on screen is off the wall, and may not appeal to a large audience, but this film manages to be a lot of fun. Christopher Walken grew up in Queens, New York, the middle child of three boys.

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